The Revive Group Programme

The 2020 round of Revive is now closed. To be informed when the next round is happening please click here

Are you ready to make some change in the world?

This online programme is about consciously restoring some things we have lost – the sacred art of grieving, and the ability to open our hearts to the world. Francis Weller calls it an apprenticeship with sorrow and I really like that. We’re re-learning how to be fully human, and our grief is the teacher. For too long we’ve denied our pain and the suffering all around us, and we can see the devastating effects of that in the world today. Systems are collapsing, inequality is rife, hundreds of species go extinct daily, on and on the list goes. We are on the brink of devastation and all at the hands of the human race.

But it doesn’t have to be that way

There’s still time for us to reconnect with what is meaningful in the world, to plant our feet in the earth and put down roots, to open our arms in compassion and love, to lean back into the wisdom and woes of our ancestors, and project ourselves forward into a future not yet known, with protective intent. We stand on a precipice and what we do now matters. I’m asking you to listen to that wise and gentle voice within and take a leap of faith with me.

I prise open the gates of grief and let the pain and sorrow flow through me and out of me – stripping, cleansing, reinvigorating, transforming and breaking open my heart as it goes. So then when I open my eyes again, they perceive the world with a new and ancient wisdom. I feel my feet rooted in the earth and know I will never be lacking in nourishment as long as I remain connected to her. My heart, now wide open, is full of the riches of the world – joy, love, beauty, laughter, all blended in with the pain of living. I feel myself stretching back in time, into the future, deep into the earth, and soaring above, yet I have never felt so present, more focussed on this very moment, on the pure act of being right here, right now.

Come & join with women like you who feel enough is enough

You are invited on this lovingly crafted journey of remembrance, shaped by my personal and professional relationship with grief, drawing inspiration from The Work That Reconnects, and using Francis Weller’s Five Gates of Grief as a grounding in grief work.

The origins of Revive

I’ve developed a fond relationship with grief. That may sound strange and maybe a little dark but I now see how incredibly healthy it is, and indeed, vital for our survival. Ten years ago I turned up to my first day of therapy training with a dark shadow nipping at my heels. I knew I needed to face it and I was filled with a deep fear of being overwhelmed by it, which came out through images I drew of dams bursting and lava bubbling up through bars that couldn’t contain it. I was bursting with unfelt pain and sorrow and when I finally began to let it flow through me, the relief was delicious. It hurt, of course it hurt. AND it transformed me. Becoming a mother broke me open again in a whole other way and more grief flowed and continues to flow as I gently unravel. Awakening to the crises of the world – the climate, biodiversity loss and racism, among others – took sorrow to a whole new level for me because suddenly I held in my heart the whole world. And again I was transformed because the whole world also held me, it’s lost daughter, and I came home to a sense of belonging I’d never known before. It’s been an incredible journey and one that will never end.

This is what I know helps me;
  • Being around people who understand the severity of the crises we face, who see collapse on the horizon, and who want to raise a better world.
  • Safe, contained ritual spaces where I feel I can share my deepest fears, cry my tears, and feel held and supported whatever I bring.
  • The nourishment of being in a circle of women.
  • A nurturing relationship with the natural world.
  • Working with my most difficult and painful emotions at a distance through creative expression and metaphor.
  • Reclaiming a cyclical way of living that offers a deep sense of holding and allows me to trust where I am and where I’m going, in part inspired by The Work That Reconnects.
  • An understanding of the nature of grief, including the beautiful work of Francis Weller.

Here’s what’s included;

10 Weekly Online Circles 

The programme is carefully crafted to take you on a journey of naming, feeling, and releasing your grief (with plenty of joy, laughter and celebration along the way). The 1hr 45mins sessions are shaped and held by ritual, and include creative invitations specifically chosen to deepen the exploration of each weekly theme. I’ve purposefully chosen weekly circles to maintain connection and momentum, plus the maximum size of the group will be six to keep it intimate and allow space for everyone to share and be witnessed.

Ritual Holding

The programme in its entirety, as well as each individual circle, will be held with ritual, offering the two things required to let go of grief – containment and release. Not to be confused with routine, ritual is meaningful and mindful – a conscious choice that we bring our emotions and full attention to. It creates a sacred and secure holding space for our vulnerability as we unravel, heal, transform and restore emotional equilibrium. Rituals contain three parts – separation, liminality (or transition), and reincorporation. Each of our circles will begin with a ceremonial candle lighting and visualisation to mark the crossing of the threshold, before easing deeper with exercises specially selected to enrich the theme. This is very much the realm of the unknown, the place betwixt. There is a freedom of possibility here that you are invited to surrender to. From here we begin to weave the threads of self back together, ready to return to everyday life, renewed.


Women have been coming into sacred circle together for millenia, but it is something we have lost. Together we will co-create an inviting, nurturing space where everyone can feel seen, heard, supported and accepted. The power of this is immeasurable and I envisage connections woven here will outlast the group.


When It comes to feeling your pain, there are going to be times when you want to look away, run even. The group is there to hold you in your darkest moments, to help you stay with your emotions, and witness those powerful moments of clarity and release.

Wrap-Around Care

Looking deep into your soul is a vulnerable business, but keeping our hearts open is the most significant step we can take in healing the world. I will be offering nurturing invitations to keep you connected and nourished between circles and after the programme comes to a close. 

A breakdown of each week;

Week 1 – Opening ceremony

In the first week we come together in ceremony, putting down roots in our circle, inviting our hearts to open, and grounding ourselves in gratitude. We begin to know one another and ourselves in this sacred space, becoming familiar with the ritual rhythm that the circles thrum to. You will be given more information on what to expect and how to prepare when you sign up for Revive.

Week 2 – Preparing for descent: letting go and stocking up

The journey within requires that we travel light so during this circle we make space for you to sift your souls for anything that can be released right now. You will also need to replenish your inner stores of soul-sustenance and resilience, and know how to keep them topped up throughout the journey. This work helps you open your heart a little more.

Week 3 – The First Gate of Grief: all that we love, we lose

(Grief) is, in fact, one of the voices of the soul, asking us to face life’s most difficult but essential teaching: everything is a gift, and nothing lasts. This is a painful truth. To accept this fact is to live on life’s terms and not to try to deny the simple truth of loss.*

This grief keeps our hearts open and our lives rich with love and connection. It says that we dared to love.

Week 4 – The Second Gate: the parts that have not known love

This grief occurs in the places often untouched by love. These are profoundly tender places precisely because they have lived outside of kindness, compassion, warmth, or welcome. These are the places within us that have been wrapped in shame and banished to the farthest shores of our lives.*

This grief allows us to reclaim the lost and shamed parts of ourselves by holding them to our heart with compassion and love, and return to wholeness.

Week 5 – The Third Gate: the sorrows of the world

Whether or not we consciously recognise it, the daily diminishment of species, habitats, and cultures is noted in our psyches. Much of the grief we carry is not personal, but shared, communal… It takes everything we have to deny the sorrows of the world.*

The grief we feel at this gate brings us home to the earth and our interconnection with all living things.

Week 6 – The Fourth Gate: what we expected and did not receive

This threshold into sorrow calls forth the things we may not even realise we have lost… In short we expect what our deep-time ancestors experienced as their birthright, namely the container of the village. We are born expecting a rich and sensuous relationship with the earth and communal rituals of celebration, grief, and healing that keep us in connection with the sacred.*

At the core of this grief is a longing to belong, to feel worthy, welcomed and held by a village.

Week 7 – The Fifth Gate: ancestral grief

This is the grief we carry in our bodies from sorrows experienced by our ancestors. Much of this grief lingers in a layer of silence, unacknowledged… This sorrow becomes concentrated over time, gathering grief unto itself, and is carried in our psyches unconsciously as a diminished inheritance.*

Tending to this grief frees us to live our own lives and eases the suffering of our ancestors and future generations.

Week 8 – Creating your personal grief ritual

During this circle I invite you to reflect on your experience at each gate of grief and bring forth a deep sorrow you are ready to feel and release. Together we’ll explore personal grief rituals and help each group member craft one meaningful to them. The dates of this programme fit perfectly with the wheel of the year so you will have the opportunity to perform this ritual on the Winter Solstice for an extra sacred touch.

Week 9 – Re-emerging and re-incorporating

We move into the next phase now, taking stock of where you began, where you’ve been, what has shifted for you and how it might be woven into the broader fabric of your life. You’re looking upon yourself and the world with new eyes, a new vision is emerging for you and we explore this now asking, “what part do I play in the healing of the world?”

Week 10 – Closing ceremony and going forth

The Winter Solstice has come and gone, the days are growing longer once again as the wheel of the year begins its ascent. We too turn our attention to the future and ask “what now?” As the circle closes in this final ritual, we mark that an apprenticeship with sorrow is never completed. We explore your sources of nourishment and support (both new and old) and ways of staying grounded with your heart open. And you state aloud what you feel you are being called to contribute to the world at this time and your intentions for making it happen.

*taken from Francis Weller’s book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow

This programme is for you if;

  • You are struggling to cope in these devastating times, feeling overwhelmed by emotion or paralysed and numb. Or both.
  • You see the world collapsing around you and feel hopeless and helpless to stop it.
  • You are feeling isolated and in need of a nurturing community of like-minded women.
  • You want to feel a sense of release, to let go of the pain you’ve been holding.
  • You want to feel able to name, understand, and cope with your grief without worrying you’ll be swallowed whole by it.
  • You want to feel stronger and more emotionally prepared for what’s to come.
  • You want to live in a more compassionate, cooperative and just world.
  • You want to feel like you’re making a meaningful contribution to bringing this world into being, but are finding it hard to see a way forward or understand your role in it.
  • You want to untangle from all the toxicity, and gather in the sacred, preserving what needs to be cherished for future generations.
  • You want to feel more alive, vital and empowered.
  • You want to be witnessed and witness others on your sacred healing journeys.
  • You want to reclaim the mutual support and empowerment of sacred sisterhood.
  • You want to be a passionate, powerful member of the whole earth community, and a good ancestor for future generations.
  • You feel in your bones that this is your time.

This programme is not for you if;

  • Your needs are more suited to therapy. I am a therapist and I will be holding the space but, although the nature of this work will be therapeutic, it is not therapy. If you’re not sure, please get in touch to discuss this.
  • You’re looking for a magic wand to instantly free you from your fear and pain. I’m sorry to say it doesn’t exist. This programme is about giving you a deep grounding to begin a life-long apprenticeship with sorrow.
  • You’re not committed to showing up. Check in with yourself – is this your time? Will you make the space you need? Are you ready to prioritise yourself and make this work in your life?
  • You’re not prepared to open up and be vulnerable. You will get so much more from this if you can be honest with yourself and the group. And your openness will be a gift to other group members.

Dates and times

  • The 2020 round is now closed. Click here to join the waiting list for 2021.

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