You’re here because you know things you can’t unknow.

You know about the ice caps melting and temperatures rising and the collapsing of things all around you.

You’re here because you’re devastated. And angry. And petrified.

You’ve come to realise that recycling and shampoo bars aren’t going to cut it. And maybe that’s just a teensy bit overwhelming. Maybe even a little paralysing. You feel helpless, just one tiny person, what could you possibly do? Is there even anything that can be done?

The stories you’ve been living by keep dropping away revealing more and more stark truths, each one inviting you deeper into yourself and the web of life you are part of.
You want to follow the call and go deeper, to surrender to the transformation you suspect is awaiting you, a path that runs through and up. But maybe you don’t know how.
And why would you?
Where are the elders to guide you? Where is the community to embrace and nurture you? Where are the rituals, the rites of passage to hold you as you unfurl and become the woman you are meant to be? Where is the flow of wisdom from the ancestors that stand at your back, weaving you into the rich tapestry of all that has gone before you?
Perhaps, like me, your longing for these things is deep and painful. We have not been shown these ways of being in the world. We find them here and there, but for the most part we scrabble forward blindly in the darkness.

What we do have is each other.

We are not alone.

I know it may not feel that way right now. The systems we live in perpetually disconnect us from ourselves, each other and the rest of nature; daily traumas that erode our sense of self, community and purpose.
But when we seek the truth and see the world for what it is, we can choose a different path.

Together we can journey to the depths of our souls.

And together we can rise up, raising a better world with us.

At this point in time, I am being called to hold spaces where you can face the unknown with a willing companion by your side; here to witness, hold and guide you on your journey.
I can help you let those stories fall away to reveal the naked truth of our world – both inner and outer – and all the feelings that come with that.
I can hold you as you unfurl into the woman you were born to be, revealing the gifts of your soul you were always meant to share with the world.
I can guide you on a transformative journey of remembrance and acceptance, empowerment and wholeness.

Are you ready?

Let’s journey together…