Deep in my core, a fire burns brightly. I tend the flames and feel the warmth, the love, the energy glowing from within. I invite you to join me around the fire, to warm yourself, feed your soul, calm your heart, feel at peace. Look into the fire and draw strength, see yourself reflected back, fall in love all over again. Re-kindle the flames in your own soul and come back to life. And when you are ready, carry it on into the world and invite others to warm themselves by your fire. Tend your fire and it will never go out, forever nourishing you, the people around you and the web of life you are a part of.

You know that to heal the world we have to heal ourselves.

But maybe you don’t know how. 
And why would you? 
Where are the elders to guide you? 
Where is the community to embrace and nurture you? 
Where are the rituals, the rites of passage to hold you as you unfurl and become the person you are meant to be? 
Where is the flow of wisdom from the ancestors that stand at your back weaving you into the rich tapestry of all that has gone before you?

Perhaps, like me, your longing for these things is deep and painful. 

We have not been shown these ways of being in the world. 
We find them here and there, but for the most part we scrabble forward blindly in the darkness. 

What we do have is each other. 

And we each have a fire inside of us, waiting to be rekindled.
Come and join me by mine and let’s set the world on fire.

My spaces are:

  • trauma-informed.
  • Neuro-affirming.
  • Decolonising.