As we spiral within to embrace our true selves, we rise.
As we root ourselves in the rest of nature, we rise.
As we reclaim our power and embody our calling, we rise.
And as we rise, we raise a new world with us.

You’re here because you know a fairer, life-sustaining world is sorely needed right now & you want to do something about it

Take a moment to cast your mind ahead to 2030. Imagine a world where everyone is empowered, embraced and accepted. Where the air is clear, the oceans clean, our planet rewilded. Where humans remember they belong to the magical web of life on earth and work with the planet, not against it.
What does it feel like to know you have contributed to the co-creation of this world? Because you have the power to, whether you believe it right now or not.

Creating spaces where women can empower themselves, unfurl into the women they were born to be, and have incredible impact in the world IN THEIR OWN WAY is what I’m being called to do

I’m tired of women being trodden down by the conditioning we’ve been imbibing our whole lives.
I truly believe that by reclaiming our power, we change the world for the better.

I invite you to heal yourself and heal the world

Let me hold space for you.
Let me make it easy for you.
Let me help you take the journey your soul is crying out for.
I want to see you free.
I want to see you whole.
I want to see you living your best life and helping others do the same by the simple act of BEING YOU.
Can you let me do that?
Can we collectively unfurl into our truest selves and change the world together?
You couldn’t be in better hands. I’m an eco-psychotherapist and a woman who has walked this spiralling journey many times, and still am.

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