Welcome beautiful soul…

Do you want to play your part in the co-creation of a better world in a way that honours who you are, your energy levels, and what brings you joy?

It all starts with trusting and believing in yourself.

In this series of twelve empowering guided affirmations I take you on a journey through love and gratitude, forgiveness and belonging, and into connection with your passion, power and purpose.

These affirmations serve as a reminder of your inherent strength, courage, and capacity for positive change, helping you navigate the challenges of our changing world while embracing your truest self.

Because we’re not just meant to survive our changing world, we’re meant to thrive.

I know how easy it is to get disheartened and sucked into a doomy spiral of despair in response to the state of the world.
I’ve been there. 
I go there still. 
It’s lonely as hell when no-one else around you seems to get it and you start to question your own sanity.
But this shit is real, and it takes guts to face it.

But it’s bigger than that.

I know you’re here because YOU know it too. 
Seeing the world for what it is and where it’s heading, understanding that humanity and our whole earth kin need us to step up.

It’s a call to grow, to heal, to take a truly sacred path back to our truest selves, and a better world for us all.

I wanted to create something that holds you through each stage of your journey, giving you the boost you need when things get tough, the balm you need when your edges are raw, the courage you need when your heart is weary, the permission you need when rest beckons.
And the simple reminder of what an absolutely magical, courageous, powerful force for change you are.

Why affirmations?

There’s no hope for the future. We’re doomed, there’s nothing we can do about it, but I can’t focus on anything else.
I’m so tired but I’ve got to keep going. If I slow down, my fear will overwhelm me.
Nothing I do is ever going to be enough.
I’m just one person. How can I possibly make a difference?
I’m powerless.
I’m so alone in this.
Sound familiar?
Take a moment to notice what it feels like in your body and mind having read those thoughts.
Now let’s flip them…
Even though the world is in crisis, I give myself permission to feel joy, peace and love.
I am enough just as I am. I have always been enough. I am doing my best with what I have and that is enough.
When I slow down, the more connected I am to myself, my inner wisdom, my creativity and my calling.
I lovingly take my place within the web of life on earth, feeling the warmth of connection, support and belonging.  
I am a courageous soul on a journey of self-discovery and a powerful force for change.
I seek out kindred souls who understand and uplift me, trusting that together we are co-creating a better world for all.
Now how does it feel in your body and mind?

For me, affirmations are a game-changer.

They have such an immediate effect on the way I feel – the stressy, tight sensation in my chest releases and is replaced by a sense of lightness, warmth and openness.
Plus the more I use affirmations the less I need them, because they are so incredibly powerful at rewiring my brain by replacing my negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs with positive and uplifting statements.

But it’s not about blindly embracing toxic positivity or false hope. We know better than that (there’s no spiritual bypassing here 😋)

Instead, these affirmations serve as a potent antidote to our doomy reality that is painfully good at breaking our tender spirits, by firmly rooting us in our deepest, most powerful and connected selves and our ability to make a genuine difference in a way that honours who we are (and our energy levels…).
Guided Affirmations for Thriving in Times of Uncertainty nurtures a thriving mindset, instilling within you a deep sense of empowerment, purpose and motivation.

These are no generic affirmations either.

I’ve crafted them to align with the stages we move through and cycle back to time and again as we journey, as I’ve outlined in the Root & Rise programme (in which you’ll find these affirmations as a bonus).
Breathing Space Into Our Lives: this set of affirmations invite in stillness and spaciousness, reminding us that amazing things happen when we slow down.
Leaning into Love & Intention: the healing journey can be challenging so we always begin by shoring ourselves up and embracing all that is good in our lives (I recommend returning to this one often 💚)
Letting our Hearts Break Open: love opens our hearts, as does grief. They are two sides of the same coin. These affirmations invite you to embrace your pain and expand your capacity for love and healing.
Releasing Ourselves into Belonging: the guilt we feel for the harm we’ve caused the earth can be an obstacle to meaningful action, and so we move into forgiveness, healing our disconnection from the earth and remembering our way home.
Opening our Hearts in Compassion: rooted in our interconnectedness with all life, we lean into empathy and understanding as a powerful tool for change.
Restoring the Ancestors: our connection with the earth isn’t the only thing that’s broken. Most of us have lost the threads of who we are. And so we invite in the wisdom, care and guidance of our ancestors.
Being Good Ancestors: to grow into who we were meant to be we need to untangle from who we were told we should be, rooting more deeply in our Good Ancestors selves.
Igniting our Passion & Power: these affirmations remind us to embrace the unique gifts we have to offer the world by leaning into what we love and what we’re good at.
Crafting a Soulful Vision for the World: when we visualise the world we want to see, we breathe life into it every day.
Following Our Callings: the demands and expectations of the unhealthy systems we live in can so easily draw us from our healing paths. These affirmations call you back to your sacred purpose.
Sustaining Energy & Motivation: the journey ahead is fraught with challenge so we lean into sources of support and inspiration.
The Thriving Path: this double length guided recording weaves together selected affirmations from each step of the journey so you can feel the full power in one sitting. It’s the ultimate go-to when you need a hit of love and empowerment.

Lisa is a master guide through the inner and outer realms of our individual and collective universe. She calmly and safely takes you into your fears and pushes you to the edge of your knowing, allowing you to finally meet your truest self.

Jillan Sackett

You get…

  • All twelve of these beautiful sets of guided affirmations with background music.
  • Around 7-9 minutes long, the affirmations are repeated twice with space between each one to allow them to take root.
  • The final set offers a selection of affirmations from each of the previous ones, offering the whole empowering journey in one go over fourteen minutes. These ones are not repeated.
  • You can listen wherever you are via the private podcast or download the tracks from my membership area. Either way, they’re ready and waiting whenever you need them.

All of this nourishing goodness for only £9!!

I know, it sounds crazy. But you know what’s crazier? Capitalism!! Even though we need to comply with much of this unhealthy system to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table (apart from what we manage to grow in the garden 😉) I am committed to offering a varied ecosystem of resources to help sensitive souls like us thrive.
That means pay-what-you-can places on my higher cost offerings, alongside high quality, lower cost offerings ✨

I’m Lisa, a woman on my healing journey, holding space for others on theirs.

From a very young age I felt there was something wrong with me. I never quite seemed able to be who everyone wanted me to be, to fit into the role I’d been cast in.
As the years rolled on this never-ending internal conflict wore me down until I finally stopped fighting.
And began healing.
The path back to myself continues, but I see now that there was never anything wrong with me, while there’s a whole lot wrong in the world.
So much of the trauma and pain in the world comes from a woeful lack of real community, ritual, relationship with the rest of nature, ancestral connection, and everything that comes with them – a sense of rootedness and belonging, unconditional love and compassion, unwavering self-worth and self-knowing, clear purpose and meaning – values that turn us towards life and love at all times.
So here I am, honouring the gifts of my soul, channelling my energy and creativity into my calling – doing my bit to heal the world, by empowering sensitive souls like you to heal, reconnect with yourselves and the earth, and rise into your callings.
My wish is that by integrating these guided affirmations into your life in a way that works for you, you can embrace your sacred path, gain the motivation and courage to make a genuine difference in the world, and truly thrive.

These affirmations will help you to;

  • Shake up the emotional paralysis, burnt out or constant hum of anxiety (or whichever combination you’re currently experiencing).
  • Reprogram your thoughts so you’re living from a thriving mindset.
  • Gather the self-belief and momentum you need to take the next step on your journey.
  • Reinforce the deep healing work you’re doing.
  • Feel more rooted and ready to weather the shitstorm that we face.
  • Believe that you have unique gifts to offer the world (and that they’re pretty darn awesome…)
  • And essentially trust that you are a magical, powerful force for change…


What are guided affirmations?

Guided affirmations are powerful statements that can reshape our thoughts and rewire our brains. They are positive and empowering affirmations that are delivered in a guided format, helping you to cultivate a thriving mindset, purpose, and motivation.

Are these affirmations generic?

No, these affirmations are specifically crafted to align with the stages we move through and cycle back to on our healing journey. Each set of affirmations focuses on different themes that are essential for personal growth, healing, and connection with oneself, others, and the earth.

How long are the guided affirmations?

Each set of guided affirmations is around 7-9 minutes long. The affirmations are repeated twice with space between each repetition to allow them to take root. Additionally, there is a final set that offers a selection of affirmations from each previous set, creating a comprehensive empowering journey that lasts for about fourteen minutes.

How can I access them?

You can listen to the guided affirmations wherever you are via a private podcast or download the tracks from the membership area. Whether you prefer streaming or downloading, the affirmations are ready and waiting for you whenever you need them.

How should I use the affirmations?

There are various ways to use the affirmations, and it’s important to find what works best for you. You can follow the flow of the journey and experience the cumulative power of each set of affirmations. Alternatively, you can choose the affirmation that resonates with you in any given moment, providing an immediate boost. You can listen to them all in one go or integrate them into your daily rhythm. Feel free to revisit your favourite affirmations whenever you feel the need for support and empowerment.

Who created these guided affirmations?

These guided affirmations were created by Lisa Harmer, a mentor and guide for sensitive souls on their healing journeys. Lisa’s personal experiences and deep understanding of the need for healing, connection, and empowerment have influenced the creation of these affirmations.

What is the purpose of these affirmations?

The purpose of these affirmations is to support you on your healing journey, helping you reconnect with yourself and the earth, and rise into your unique calling. They are designed to provide nourishment, empowerment, and encouragement throughout each stage of your personal growth and transformation.

Where can I find out more about the Root & Rise journey that these affirmations are based on?

Root & Rise is a beautiful invitation to reconnect on a deep level with the rest of nature, your true nature and the role you play in the transformation of our world. It’s available as self-paced journey and you can find it here.
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