I’m so excited to share that my Day of Voxer Mentoring is now available to book!


Waking up knowing you’ve gifted yourself a day just for you.
A day for rest and wellness.
A day for healing and wholeness.
A day to safely fall apart and remake yourself.
More rooted, more resilient, more empowered.
More you.

I’ll tell you a little secret…

You are exactly what the world needs.
As fully YOU as you can be.
Sharing YOUR unique gifts.
You are one beautiful thread in a bigger story weaving its way into the future.

I’m inviting beautiful souls like you to spend a whole mentoring day with me via the Voxer app

It’s similar to WhatsApp with text and voice messages.
I’ve just trialled it with seven awesome people and I can’t quite express how much I LOVE it!
It’s such a gently immersive experience where we get to go deep over time.
It’s the best way I’ve found so far to slow down and create the space you need to safely unravel.
Throughout the day you get the undeniably powerful experience of being witnessed and held by someone who gets it.
And I’ll offer you on-the-fly guided visualisations and other bespoke creative invitations that fit with where you are on your journey (that you can take or leave).

How does it work?

You’ll have access to me between 9am and 5pm UK time on your chosen day (unless you’re in another time zone and we’ve agreed different times).
Don’t worry, it won’t be an eight hour conversation – how exhausting would that be?!
We’ll be exchanging messages throughout the day at a steady yet relaxed pace. Sometimes back and forth, sometimes with gaps to think, journal, move your body, create, or take action, for example.

Maybe you want to…

  • Safely feel into your grief, frustration, anger or guilt. I specialise in holding space to face the dark stuff and trust me, there’s so much light there too. Feeling this stuff reveals the path ahead.
  • Craft a nourishing and sustainable practice of self-care that supports your earth-care. Because we all burn out, right? It’s how we’ve been conditioned to operate. We’ll identify nurturing practices that work for YOU and weave them through your life in a sustainable way.
  • Lean into a cyclical way of being, exploring ways to connect more deeply with the rhythms of nature and your true nature. This might look like menstrual cycle tracking or identifying where you are in the women’s wheel of life, as well as surrendering more deeply to the ebb and flow of the seasons.
  • Explore what you feel you are being called to offer the world – those amazing gifts you were born with. Rooting into your passion and feeling empowered to act.
  • Craft rituals to support and deepen your healing journey.
  • Dedicate time to the tending of your inner child within a bubble of compassion and holding.
  • Anything else that involves you unfurling into the most free and empowered version of yourself… 

Here’s what people have to say about the Day of Voxer mentoring experience…

I didn’t come out with what I expected, I got something much better. Inside of me is starting to untangle and I am becoming freer because of it. I feel like I am not chained up on the inside like I thought I was. Its like having cracks you thought were your fault filled with compassion and kindness.
It is a gift to spend a day with Lisa. If you want answers it’s definitely worth your time, money and energy. If you don’t have all the solutions and need a gentle and compassionate person to guide you then Lisa is definitely the one for you. 
– Victoria Wilkinson –

Our day was profoundly healing – I am so full of self knowledge, love and acceptance for myself in an intense and deeply honouring way.

It felt like a MASSIVE upgrade to have a mentoring/therapeutic/spiritual day that was led by me; a bit like doing a Masters degree or a PHD in myself! This was the vibe that I believe Lisa held throughout the day and my inner child loved it.

I believe this work has honoured the next step in my awakening, with so much more radical self love, sacred holding and self informed knowledge for my soul. Thank you so much.
– Cherrie Joy –

I highly recommend this mode of working. I found it incredibly useful to be at home, pottering in the garden and able to journal, listen to music, and respond in my own time without the pressure of a face-to-face meeting space. It was just a beautiful experience, and something I would certainly book again in the future. 

– Katrina Wolff –

Ready to book?

Check the calendar below and select a date that works for you. 
If you are in a vastly different time zone, please email me before booking to make sure we can make it work.
A week before your Day of Voxer you’ll get a reminder plus an invitation to fill in a form outlining what you’d like to focus on.
The booking system is new to me so please let me know if you have any issues!
If you have any questions about the day, please email me here OR why not pop me a message in Voxer? You can get a feel for the app while getting your questions answered – win win! Simply download the Voxer app for free, find me – lisaharmer – and send me a message. By the end of our chat you’ll know if a Day of Voxer is right for you.
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