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I’m so glad you’re here. I’m all about living simply, seasonally and soulfully, inviting in a more loving, compassionate and life-sustaining world. One of my core values is making this deeply satisfying (and truly world-changing) way of life accessible for everyone, so on this page you will find a range of offerings to suit all pockets and locations.

The Climate Resilience Community

I’d been dreaming this free community up for a little while and it recently came into being – a dedicated space to share, support one another and relieve some of the weight that climate awareness places on us. 

It’s a nurturing space helping people to feel empowered amidst climate chaos. Because, let’s face it, being awake to the climate crisis is no picnic. It can be an outright painful, anxiety-inducing, horror show in fact. But there are things we can do to strengthen our emotional resilience and embrace the storm we find ourselves in and I offer regular free workshops to explore them.

Soulful Seasons Subscription

This deliciously nurturing soul-experience is lovingly crafted, drawing on my experience as an eco dramatherapist and human being. Every part is an invitation to reclaim an open connection to yourself, the people around you and the natural world, restoring a sense of harmony and feeling joy like never before.

Your monthly Soulful Seasons guide includes seasonal poetry, guided visualisations, nature craft inspiration, soul-nourishing journaling prompts, healthy intention setting, lovingly crafted personal rituals, heart-warming seasonal recipes and community-nurturing ideas for gathering your loved ones closer. Plus there’s an option to upgrade for cosy and insightful monthly coaching sessions with me.


I’m passionate about helping people to feel resilient and empowered. Group e-courses offer such a beautifully supportive environment for change and are one of my favourite ways to work.

Delivered in weekly modules through a combination of live video and workbooks, my e-courses take you on a journey of self-reflection and transformation. Follow the link below to see what’s coming up.

One-to-one therapy

I feel like I’m living in two worlds… everything seems hopeless… my friends and family look at me like I’m crazy… I panic when I read another article about how bad things are… I’m angry that people don’t care… I’m so anxious…

If you’re feeling any of these things then you are having a very healthy response to the environmental crisis. As an eco dramatherapist, I help you to build the resilience needed to live with the burden of eco-awareness, and to feel empowered in the face of the unfolding chaos. Whether in person or online, you are warmly invited into a private, non-judgmental, tailored space that can include talking, creating and engaging with nature – whatever suits you.

Resilience Coaching

The climate crisis is happening now. The situation is urgent. Making space for your needs to be met and rooting yourself in resilience is a truly transformative experience that allows you to rise into your true potential, not only bringing incredible benefits to you, but also to the earth.

Through in-person or online Resilience Coaching I offer a warm, safe space in which to navigate your journey through climate awareness, so you feel calmer, more braced for change and clearer on what action you can take. We are all unique threads within the wondrously interconnected tapestry of life. I will help you embody your true colours and find your place in the bigger picture.

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