What is eco-dramatherapy?

Eco-dramatherapy is a name of my own making, that I feel best describes what I offer specifically. Dramatherapy is a form of psychotherapy that enables you to explore and express emotions through creative activities not just through words alone. We use metaphor to give you the distance and objectivity you need to face the difficult stuff. This might be through stories, myths, objects, imagery, characters, artwork and more. It’s a wonderfully rich and colourful way of making sense of your life, and working towards a greater sense of freedom, wholeness and empowerment.

So what about the eco part? Most therapy explores the individual’s relationship to self and others (psycho-social) but not their relationship to the natural world. This is problematic because things like eco-grief can be considered to be pathological (mental disease) rather than a healthy and normal reaction to a dire reality. The natural world also offers incredible metaphors for the soul, which is a great reason to be out there doing therapy!

Do I need to be able to act??

Some people get freaked out by the word ‘drama’ so it’s good to demystify that early on! In a drama class the focus is on learning acting skills and creating performance while in dramatherapy the focus is on healing and growth. Dramatherapy might involve taking on roles (it is very much up to you) but it’s all about creative expression and because it’s about you, you can’t get it wrong. We may also work with art, poetry and story-making. One of the biggest take-aways I want for you is not to be a proficient artist, poet or actor, but the ability to express your inner world in a way that make sense to you.

What might a session look like?

The therapy space, like an empty stage, is full of potential. You are invited to step out of ‘real’ life and into one of your making. We use ritual to clearly mark this transition and contain the important work you are doing. This might be a grounding meditation at the beginning of the session, and a way of closing that we’ve created together and is personal to you. After a verbal check-in we move into some creative work. We might work with a known story or myth, or you might create one, inspired by image cards, objects or a piece of artwork you create. If we’re outdoors, we’ll use the landscape. We explore the characters, their relationships, their feelings. Towards the end of the session I might invite you to draw parallels with your own life, or we may continue with the story in the next session.

You can find out more about 1-1 therapy here.

I am currently offering 1-1 dramatherapy online and in Wimbledon Woods, south west London. Therapy sessions last an hour and the investment is £50.

If you are ready to invest in your healing journey or have any further questions, please contact me using the form below. I offer a free 20 minute consultation. I look forward to walking the journey with you.

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