Top tips for finding freedom with free-flow writing

Free-flow or stream of consciousness writing is one of my absolute favourite, most immediately soul-enriching, bring-you-back-to-the-present, intuitive, revealing, creative practices ever. Ever ever. And it takes little time and requires just a pen and paper (although I have a tendency to paint all over my writing too…) So how do we do it? Firstly, set […]

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5 Simple Ways to Bring More Ease and Joy Into Your Life

What goes through your mind, what happens in your body when you feel challenged in life? Deciding whether you can make that jump, or that presentation, that job, that promotion, or allow yourself to be vulnerable with another person? The other day I watched my just-turned-two year old jump from the top of this box […]

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The 8 things that helped me recover from mental illness

It’s #maternalmhmatters awareness week in the UK and I’ve been all over it on Instagram. Today the focus is on publishing and sharing articles and blogs about recovery, looking ahead to the future and self-care – so it felt fitting to share my experiences in blog form. Please do share if you find it helpful. […]

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