Join the Super-Heroine Challenge!

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Do you know what interests me?


Bringing power back into balance.

Eradicating inequality.

The co-creation of a world without oppression, where everyone and everything lives in harmony.

The part I’m playing is to empower women. We have been oppressed for too long and our role in the revolution is vital.

I want you to be whole and free.

I want you to step unapologetically into your power and do great things in the world

I’m running a free challenge for women who want to embody their power. Literally!

Much of my healing journey has happened through my body and I invite you to join me for this very simple experiment.

Starting on Monday 17th August, for five days we will take up a super-heroine pose – hands on hips, legs apart, heart raised – for just two minutes each day

Why?? I hear you ask!

This study found that participants who held high power poses for two minutes were more likely to gamble (i.e. felt more confident), had higher testosterone levels (the power hormone) AND lower cortisol (the stress hormone) than participants who held low power poses.

And multitudinous studies have found that open body postures convey power to others and make the individual feel more powerful themselves.

It’s time to rewire our body-memory and show the world that we are rising.

A better world is coming.

So, are you ready to step into your power?

It’s really simple. All you need to do is;

  1. Sign up to the mailing list below to get daily reminders, a good dose of cheerleading and little extras.
  2. Starting on Monday 17th August, take up a super-heroine pose for two minutes each day for five days – legs spread apart, hands on hips, shoulders back, gazing confidently into the distance.
  3. Instagram: inspire and challenge other women by taking a super-heroine selfie and posting it on your Insta stories each day with the hashtag #superheroinechallenge. Feel free to take a partial or shadow pic if you prefer. Tag me for a re-post @lisa_harmer_.
  4. In the Earth Women Rising community on FB: I’ll be posting my super-heroine selfie every morning. Share yours in the comments and let’s rise into our power together. As above, feel free to take a partial or shadow pic if you prefer.
  5. Reap the benefits! Grow your confidence and rise a little more into your power each day. The world needs you! Don’t forget to update me on how it’s going. I’ll be doing a survey at the end to see if it works (the least scientific study ever!!)

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