Soulful Seasons FREE Isolation Edition


Welcome to Soulful Seasons, I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. Perhaps your intentions are similar to mine? Perhaps your soul too has been called back to the earth, ready to embrace all that it meets there.

Wherever you are in the world, you are no doubt being effected by the spread of the coronavirus. With this in mind and heart, I write this edition of Soulful Seasons as a gift to those in isolation, and an invitation for everyone to take a deep pause to appreciate our need for connection with the natural world, and to find it where we can. 

The rewilding of our souls cannot stop simply because we‘re not able to access natural spaces, our hearts cry out for interconnectedness with all life. Without it we wither. This disconnection is what has led us to such a toxic and destructive way of life that threatens our earth. So let’s pause, let’s breathe, let’s bring our awareness to what we can access. Let’s rewild our souls and let them soar, even in adversity.

Do you long to feel that you are enough? That what you have is enough?

Do you want to feel a deep sense of satisfaction from life?

Do you ache to remember what it is to truly feel again?

Is your soul calling you to embrace the present moment and all the joy and potential that it holds?

Are you yearning to slow down, to spend your time and energy on the things that truly matter to you?

Are you ready to surrender to the ease of a more simple, soulful and seasonal way of life?

Do you feel called to step into your true purpose? Your unique role in transforming the world?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Each edition of this nurturing soul experience is lovingly crafted, drawing on my experience as an eco dramatherapist and human being. Every part is an invitation to reclaim an open connection to yourself, the people around you and the natural world, restoring a sense of harmony and belonging like never before. Welcome to this is extra special edition that I have geared to those of us who are unable to get out into the natural world during the pandemic.

Easily downloadable, your collection includes a delicious fusion of;

  • seasonal poetry
  • guided visualisation
  • nature craft inspiration
  • soul-nourishing journaling prompts
  • healthy intention setting
  • lovingly crafted personal rituals
  • heart-warming seasonal recipes
  • community-nurturing ideas for gathering your loved ones closer

How much does it cost?

Usually £7 per month for a subscription or £9 as a one-off, this month you get all this deliciously nurturing content ABSOLUTELY FREE. This is my gift to you during these crazy times.

Ready to go?

Simply fill in the form below to sign up and wait for the first of the month to roll around! While you’re here, why not invest in the wellbeing of your friends and family too? Share this page with them so they can stay nourished by the natural world while in isolation.

Do you have any questions? No problem, just email me here.

THIS OFFER IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. To subscribe to Soulful Seasons please click here.

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