Rise Up

  • A new four-week online journey for women who are ready to root into the earth, rise into their unique purpose and play their part in the wellbeing of our world.
  • 28 days of 20 minute (max) recorded sessions that bring you into connection with yourself and the rest of nature.
  • Insightful visualisations, writing prompts and embodiment exercises, woven together by a creative eco-psychotherapist who has walked this path (and still is).

The March round of Rise Up is now closed. Click here if you’d like to be informed when it runs again.

Things I now know;

The systems we live in are not fit for purpose. 

Prioritising economic growth over wellbeing is destructive, divisive and unsustainable. 

We humans have lost connection with what truly matters.

We have become detached from ourselves, the welcome and warmth of community, and the earth.

To see this truth is a lonely thing.

To feel anxiety, fear and despair as a result is healthy and necessary. 

It is the rallying cry of the earth calling us to meaningful action.

We all have a vital role to play in the healing and transformation of our world.

We are all different. We are all unique. And the gifts we offer the world reflect that.

When we weave those offerings together, magic happens.

What we need most of all right now is to remember who we are. As humans. As members of the whole earth community. As nature itself.

It’s time to break free from who we’ve been told we should be, by a toxic system in its death throes that threatens to take us all down with it.

It’s time to rise up into who we were born to be. And to raise a new world with us.

We need everyone to be a part of this transformation in their own way

Introducing Rise Up

This programme is about recognising your eco-anxiety, fear, guilt, anger, paralysis – whatever it is you’re feeling – as a healthy response to the unravelling of our world. And not just healthy, necessary too. Rather than suppress, avoid or medicate your emotions (although I believe there can be a time for all of these things) hear them as the cries of the world calling you to action. 

You are being summoned to rise up and contribute to the wellbeing of the planet

For twenty-eight days I will guide you on a spiralling journey of self-discovery that invites in the vital work of reconnection; healing the great rift in our souls that has separated us from the rest of nature, and our true nature. A disconnection that is leading to the destruction of our world.

Throughout Rise Up you will weave the threads of who you are within this magical, interconnected web of life on earth, and the part you are being called upon to play. Each bite-sized, heart-centred session is skilfully crafted to nurture the seed within you, so you can root into your true purpose and trust that the shoots that grow from this sacred place will be resilient, powerful and deeply connected to you and the whole earth community you belong to.

Waking up to the crises in the world hurts

When I became aware of how urgent the climate crisis was I was propelled into action by my fear and anxiety. I did everything I could think of to turn things about – protesting, petitioning friends and family (and random people in the post office queue…) I recycled religiously, stopped flying. I couldn’t say ‘no’ to anything, the guilt was too much. My children, faces full of innocence, looked up at me and all I could think was “I have to do everything in my power to protect you”. And so I kept going.

“The times are urgent, let us slow down”.

Bayo Akomolafe

It took me a good while of burning myself out before I realised that a deeper level of activism was needed. Leaping straight from anxiety to action leaves a huge gulf preventing us from being fully connected to who we are and what we are doing. Action is good, it is necessary. AND it needs to be rooted in something substantial. Slowing down and creating space to feel into what was happening for me was an incredibly vulnerable process. It also saved me. I was able to tap into my creative power, my intuition, to re-weave the threads of who I am in this wonderful interconnected world, and equip myself to face the mess we’re in with roots deep in the earth and my heart wide open.

I have drawn deeply from this well in the crafting of this programme as well as my humbling experience as eco-psychotherapist and creative workshop facilitator. 

What’s included

Four weeks of daily exercises delivered via private podcast

Every day starting Monday March 1st (apart from Sundays) you’ll receive a lovingly crafted invitation to open your heart, reconnect with who you are, and step a little closer to the unique contribution you are being called to. Each day we’ll begin by coming into connection, then I’ll walk you through a combination of insightful writing prompts, embodied experiences and expansive visualisations.

Everything wrapped up in a bow – all you need to do is show up

I know how hard it can be to make space for this necessary work even though you likely share my view that connection is a truly radical act in a world torn apart. But it’s hard to untangle from the go go go system long enough to create space for yourself. And when you finally do you have the added stress of figuring out how best to use this precious time, inevitably leading to a big faff where you end up scrolling through Instagram because in the process of finding that meditation you’d saved for later, you forgot what you were doing in the first place. Sound familiar? So to help, I have packaged this amazing journey into twenty minute daily sessions, like stepping stones across a wild and nourishing river.

Your very own podcast

Hopefully the message has gotten across that this programme is designed to be easily achievable, even when you have lots else going on (yes, even the mums among you! In fact this is created with you in mind). All you need to do is prioritise twenty minutes a day, I’ll do the rest. To make these powerful bite-sized sessions super-doable, I have recorded every one so all you need to do is hit play and follow along. Don’t listen to podcasts? Don’t worry! I’ll give you step-by-step instructions of how to set everything up. It’s really simple.

Lifetime access

Whether you have just become aware of the crises we face, if you already have an inkling about the part you play, or even if you have a project up and running – this programme has something to offer you. Because your beautiful unfolding never ends, and you can always spiral deeper;

  • untangling yourself from the unhealthy systems we live within.
  • reclaiming lost parts of yourself that are desperate to shine.
  • easing yourself deeper into the warm embrace of connection, to a place of the heart, the soul and the rest of nature. A place from which authentic action is possible.

It’s why, when you invest in Rise Up, you get access for life. Because I know from experience how nourishing and necessary it is to return to this core process time and time again. So when I run the live programme again, you can join again for no extra cost.

Plus…some bonuses!

The first six women to sign up are invited to join a special bonus group call!

This is the perfect compliment to the programme as you will each have the opportunity to share what’s coming up for you and benefit from the insight of the group. I’ve done calls like this before and it’s amazing what crystallises in the moment. I appreciate that this will not be for everyone. If you are one of the first to sign up but don’t want to take part in the group call just let me know and I’ll offer it to the next person.

A bonus community space on Facebook!

Because I know how lonely it can be to see the truth when so many around you continue with business as usual. This will be as space for sharing your journey with others who understand. You can make connections, ask questions, seek feedback. Or just enjoy the warm glow of women emerging into their authentic selves as they raise a better world…

Things that can happen when you come into connection and follow your unique calling

Things I’ve personally done;
  • Come to a place of acceptance with our unknown future.
  • Found a balance between earth-care and self-care so I’m not burning out and I can continue to care for my children and nurture other relationships in my life.
  • I have come home, remembering that I belong to the rest of nature.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of guilt I feel for the world and how we’re leaving it for the next generation.
  • Cultivated a deep sense of community with other women who are awakening to the crises in the world. This has been genuinely life-changing! Not just because of the support I feel, but because I’m part of something so much bigger than myself. I know I am one thread in a beautiful tapestry in the making.
  • Channelled my precious energy by saying ‘yes’ only to the things that align with my purpose and the impact I can have, freeing up time and energy for other important things like being with my family.
  • Remembered my way into my heart, and reclaimed it as a guiding compass in my life.
  • Crafted a business rooted in my personal calling which is deeply humbling, brings me great satisfaction and that I know is contributing to the wellbeing of our world (as well as paying the bills).
  • Deepened my sense of immediate community by getting to know my neighbours, gifting them tomato plants and putting hand-made cards through their letter boxes on special occasions (for example…)
  • Inspired a wave of women who will in turn send ripples out into our world. Brave, courageous souls with hearts on fire, making a difference wherever they are.
Things you could do;
  • All the above, plus;
  • Believe, with full confidence, that you can make a deeply meaningful difference in our world and be clearer on what your personal contribution is.
  • Untangle from who you were told you should be and put down roots in who you were born to be, ready to rise up into your calling.
  • Seed a project that is aligned with your passion and power AND contributes to the wellbeing of the world.
  • Feel more able to emotionally navigate the crises we face, leaning into the unknown with greater acceptance and grace.

Cost and dates

The next live round will happen later in 2021. Click here to hear as soon as it goes on sale.

What women have said about working with me

“Lisa is so wonderfully welcoming, encouraging and accepting. She creates a beautiful space in which to feel at ease. The world may still be crazy but the time with Lisa each week felt protected, special and really relaxing.” Revive Programme Participant
“Lisa is amazing. She is warm, compassionate, smart, and full of wisdom. She is a safe container for all these rock-bottom emotions.” – Workshop Participant
“Gently confronting.” – Workshop Participant
Rise up is for you if…
  • You are aware of the urgency of the climate crisis and are feeling one or more of the following things – anxious, scared, paralysed, overwhelmed, the urgent need to take action.
  • You are already taking meaningful action and want to deepen your connection and get more aligned with your purpose.
  • You are in a perpetual cycle of taking action and burning out.
  • You struggle with the uncertainty of the future.
  • You feel you might be acting from your head, not your heart.
  • You can find it hard to connect with the rest of nature because you feel so guilty for what humans have done.
  • You worry about the next generation, your own children, and what life will be like for them.
  • You see the world collapsing around you and feel hopeless and helpless to stop it.
  • You are feeling isolated and in need of a nurturing community of like-minded women.
  • You want to feel stronger and more emotionally prepared for what’s to come.
  • You want to live in a more compassionate, cooperative and just world.
  • You want to make a meaningful contribution to bringing this world into being, but are finding it hard to see a way forward or understand your role in it.
  • You want to feel more alive, vital and empowered.
  • You want to break free of who you were told you should be and embrace the woman you were born to be.
  • You are ready to balance self-care and earth-care.
  • You want to be a passionate, powerful member of the whole earth community, and a good ancestor for future generations.

This is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix. This programme guides you through an intensive journey, but it won’t be your last. Many things will be clearer for you by the end AND there will be more work to be done. 
  • You’re not committed to doing the work. Check in with yourself – is this your time? Will you make the space you need? Are you ready to prioritise yourself and make this work in your life?
  • You want to stay in your head. This programme invites you back into your heart, into feeling. It will likely be uncomfortable at times, definitely vulnerable. 
  • You are not open to working creatively.
  • You feel like you’ve done it all already. You may have done some of these exercises before, but the beauty of this work is that it takes you deeper each time, revealing new paths along the way. You need to be open to finding things you haven’t before.
Ready to go? Click on the button below to join with women like you who want to raise a better world
As we spiral within to embrace our true selves, we rise.
As we root ourselves in the rest of nature, we rise.
As we reclaim our power and embody our purpose, we rise.
And as we rise, we raise a new world with us.
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