Rise Up Follow-Up Call

Welcome Rise Up graduates!

You are invited you to a one-off group call to check in with how you’re getting on. It will be on Monday 17th May at 8-9.30pm and the investment is £27. Everyone will have a chance to check in with where they’re at, flag up any challenges and, of course, celebrate developments! All in a gorgeous circle of inspiring women who get what you’re talking about.

I just want to say that I know how hard it is to stay on the heart’s path. If you feel you’ve made little progress since the programme finished, please be assured there will be zero judgement in this space, only heartfelt compassion, care and support. This is one of the main reasons I’m opening the membership group – to help us sustain our energy and stay true to our callings. And that’s what this call is about. I hope you can join us. Click on the link below to secure your place in the circle.

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