Free-Writing for a Free Soul E-course

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Do you want to create a simple and sustainable writing practice that will help you;

To breathe more space into your life?

To understand yourself better?

To feel more calm and resilient amidst climate chaos?

To enjoy more clarity of purpose? A clearer focus on what really matters?

To feel more deeply and meaningfully connected with yourself, other people and our natural world?

Then the Free-Writing for a Free Soul course is for you!

And you guys are super lucky because this is my first ever e-course so I’m offering it with a whopping great 50% discount! That means you get everything you would at full price for an investment of just £24!

So how do I do Free-Writing?

“You must start by writing the wrong meanings in the wrong words; but keep writing until you get to the right meanings in the right words. Only in the end will you know what you are saying.” —Peter Elbow

Firstly, set a limit – either an amount of time or number of pages you’re going to fill. And then…. just write. Whatever comes into your head, even if it’s what you had for breakfast or “I don’t know what to write”, more will flow from there. I find it so permission giving because you can’t get it wrong – whatever comes is what is right for you in that moment. And I always gain some kind of release or insight or strength from it. A sense of dumping out the crap to reach what is really important.

That sounds simple – why do I need to do a course?

Free-writing is an incredibly simple practice that requires no previous experience and just a pen and paper. In my experience the barriers to creating a sustainable wellbeing practice, are of a different nature. This course invites you to dig a little deeper into your mindset around self care. Because unless you believe that you deserve it, that you are worthy of it and that self care is a necessary part of a balanced, wholesome life – then the practice won’t stick.

The Free-Writing for a Free Soul course is expertly guided by myself, an HCPC registered dramatherapist, so you are in good hands. Also walking alongside you the whole way to support and encourage you is a group of like-minded souls who have been drawn to this course as you have. It’s much easier to create a practice that will stick with a bunch of people rooting for you!

The course takes you deeper into the art of free-writing, helping you to explore what prompts work best for you (if any) and how to further develop your creative writing (if you choose to).

My aim is for each of you to complete this course with the strong foundations of your personal free-writing practice in place – YOU individually, as a unique being – it will be different for every person.

What will we cover?

Week 1: we’ll get into the fundamentals of making time and space that is just for you before digging into free-writing as a tool for wellbeing. This will include exploring why creativity works, the power of metaphor, how ritual comes in to play, a bit of theory on the unconscious and our friend intuition, plus some simple guidelines to get you started.

Week 2: with a week of basic free-writing under your belt, I’ll invite you to go deeper into using metaphor to shake things loose. We’ll explore how working from a theme can help the creative juices flow. I’ll encourage you to reflect on how your personal practice is developing, and we’ll come back to those all important guidelines.

Week 3: one of the joyful things about free-writing is it can be done anywhere. This week I will encourage you to find stimulus in the everyday things. Our free-writing starting points will come from within ourselves in a physical or emotional capacity, and from outside of ourselves – the ink flowing from the pen, a flower reaching for the sun, waves crashing on the beach.

Week 4: in our final week we will explore ways to to take free-writing further if you wish to. For example, using your writing to stimulate further free-writing or more formal writing, such as poetry, or using other art forms such as painting or movement. I will invite you to reflect back on your free-writing journey and draw your experience into a sustainable ritual practice that fits you.

How will the course be run?

The course is run over four weeks starting on Tuesday 10th September. Each week a live video will be posted in the Free-Writing for a Free Soul Facebook group offering insight and guidance on the current topic.

A PDF workbook accompanies each week, including reflective questions and prompts for your personal practice.

Weekly live Q&A sessions in the Facebook group provide personalised support to follow up each week’s writing tasks.

You will enjoy the support of a group of like-minded people. Everyone is invited to share their writing, reflections, frustrations and breakthrough moments with the group, which will remain open for at least three months after the course finishes.

If you have any questions please get in touch at

What others have said about working with me

“My brain is under pressure all day every day and it needs a release, to relax.  These exercises give my brain a break.”

“I could let things out knowing I wasn’t being judged.”

“I had a very open mind as to what the sessions would be like and I couldn’t have predicted the level of creativity, nurture and opportunities to explore and express my feelings in the way I did. “

“I was a little scared at the start as I have a habit of holding back…BUT it’s calming, relaxing; the class is a definite escape and you feel positive leaving each time.”

“Thought it was a little weird and that it would be of no help to me at first.  But afterwards I feel it has helped me to try and relax more, ease my mind.”

I’m pleased I attended the group.  I felt I could let go, coz I don’t like opening up about my problems so attending this group… is an easier way of communicating without finding it difficult.”

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Free-Writing for a Free Soul E-course

Write your way to calm, clarity and connection with this beautifully guided 4-week e-course, run by an HCPC registered dramatherapist.


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