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I’ve been dreaming this Facebook community up for a little while now and it recently came into being – a dedicated space to share, support one another and relieve some of the weight that climate awareness places on us. 

It’s a nurturing space helping you to feel empowered amidst climate chaos. Because, let’s face it, being awake to the climate crisis is no picnic. It’s can be an outright painful, anxiety-inducing, horror show in fact. But there are things we can do to strengthen our emotional resilience and embrace the storm we find ourselves in.

Group members are encouraged to share their climate awareness highs and lows. Plus I’ll chat through various climate resilience topics – inspiring conversations and offering practical tools that enable you to root down and rise up in this time of uncertainty and change.

Does this feel like a space you could use? Then come on in…

The Making Space Guide

Are you ready to make the space in your life that you need? Space and time that is for YOU because you’ve heard that you deserve it? That you are worthy of it? That self care is a necessary part of a balanced and wholesome life? Whatever is going on in the world…

I know, I know… It’s really challenging to stop and make time for yourself when it feels like there’s so much to do – when your house is on fire. But believe it or not, taking that time and space serves the planet too. It brings calm, clarity, perspective, a renewed sense of purpose. And crucially, it stops you from burning out. That serves no-one.

This guide will help you to;
– Create space in your mind
– Create time in your schedule
– Find physical space in your environment
– Be a lot kinder to yourself

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