Welcome! I’m so glad you’ve found your way here

You are warmly invited to these deeply nourishing, gently challenging and free spaces for women – just like you – who know that healing ourselves and healing the world are one and the same.

When we approach healing as activism we empower ourselves to make things better in every moment, because it becomes a state of being, a way we interact with ourselves and the world.
Demonstrations and marches are really important, as is the soul activism of leading with love and compassion, unfolding into the women we were born to be, creating beauty and connection within us and around us, and ultimately breathing life into the fair and life-sustaining world we want, and need, to see.
Through guided visualisation, creative writing, expressive art and meditation we will slow right down, spiral within and root into our authentic selves – a rich and nourishing place from which to rise up into our callings and contribute to the transformation of the world in our own way.

“Lisa has the warmest energy and her workshops are beautifully created and held – thoroughly recommend!”

These workshops are for you if…

  • you crave a held space where you can relax, rewild and reconnect to what matters.
  • you want to play your part in the co-creation of a better world but don’t always know which path to take.
  • you have a sense of what your contribution might be and want to embody it more fully.
  • you want to connect with other women who are aware of the climate crisis and feel sane for an hour or so.
  • you want to dig down to who you were born to be and root yourself there.
  • you are ready to believe that your wellbeing is tied the the wellbeing of the earth and time spent on you can only be a good thing.
  • you want to get out of your head and into your heart, a place of nourishing connection and guidance.
  • you feel any of the following: exhaustion, sadness, despair, anxiety, grief, numbness, loneliness, lethargy, uncertainty, confusion, hope.
  • you identify as a woman (all women are welcome here – trans, cis and other).
  • you are aware (or becoming aware) of the depth of the climate crisis and the possibility of collapse and human extinction (this is not a space to argue whether it is happening or to what extent).

“This workshop was so beautifully contained and allowing. I loved the pace and the use of the imagination. A real pleasure to attend.”

What you need to know…

  • The workshops take place monthly on Zoom on Monday evenings between 8-9.15pm BST.
  • The space is held by me, Lisa – creative eco-psychotherapist, mother, and cis woman on my own healing journey.
  • You are invited to engage as much or as little as you wish through the chat function. So you can follow along without the pressure to share if you don’t want to.
  • They are best experienced live, but you will have the opportunity to catch up via an audio recording for a limited time afterwards.
  • You will need a notebook and pen, plus something to draw with. Nothing fancy required! Your pen is fine though you may like to use other colours or textures. I’ve been known to borrow my kids’ crayons… You may like to bring a candle to light too.

Lisa is amazing. She is warm, compassionate, smart, and full of wisdom.

Upcoming dates

Monday September 27th 8 – 9.15pm: What is the Earth Asking of Us?

As we ease into autumn and reconnect with our purpose, this workshop invites us to draw wisdom and inspiration from the beings of the three times – our ancestors, the beings we currently share this endangered planet with, and the future beings who have a claim on life. The five creative and insightful exercises I’ve chosen are a potent mix of meditation, visualisation, creative writing and intention setting that will help us explore the important question, “what is the earth asking of us?” 
I ran this workshop earlier in the year and is was so special. I can’t wait to share it again. These exercises are great to come back to again and again revealing new insights each time. So if you attended the January workshop, please do join us again. You can sign up via the form below.
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