Earth Women Rising

A community of awakened women freeing themselves to heal our world

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be creating this empowering space where a sisterhood of women who are awake to the various crises we face, can come together and contribute to the healing of our world. In this community your feelings are validated, your wisdom and compassion are celebrated, your power is nurtured and grown.

This is for you if;

  • you seek connection and understanding from a community of women who see the world the way you do.
  • you have heard the call to rise up but you’re not sure what to do with it.
  • you want to take action to heal the world but can feel overwhelmed and powerless and don’t know where to start.
  • you’re ready to listen to your inner wisdom, and live from a place of authenticity.
  • you’re ready to begin the journey to wholeness by embracing all the parts of yourself, especially those that have been deemed unworthy.
  • you’re ready to restore what was nearly lost, and cut free what is no longer needed.
  • you are passionate about raising each other up to play your unique roles in the co-creation of a healthy, life-sustaining society.
  • you want to be free, whole and empowered.

I am an HCPC registered dramatherapist walking my own journey to wholeness, inviting you to open your heart to healing, and to feel empowered to act. This is a community, we’re in this together, we support and nurture one another and we rise as one.

I am an HCPC registered dramatherapist walking my own journey to wholeness and I will be holding the space. You are invited to share your ongoing journey while witnessing and supporting other women on theirs, each weaving your beautifully unique threads into the fabric of the community.

This is our time to rise up free, whole and empowered for the sake of the planet and all our futures, if we cherish having one.

Come on in…

*I chose the image above for this page as it evokes strong feelings of women rising together. I created it using a technique called visual medicine and gave it the title “Rising Like Giants”. This is the free-writing I did about it afterwards;

“Up up in colours bright, light, leaning, merging, together, apart. Blurring at the edges, bleeding into the world like a soupy fog across the land. Others coming to join, led by hearts of fire, alight with love and knowledge. Leaning into the warmth, the colour, flowing together, dancing like brightly burning candles. Illuminating the shadows of the earth, gentle smoke like a thousand spirits free at once, laughing, dancing, rejoicing in the air. Who comes here, all alike, all of different colour, shape. Minds and hearts joined, in love and life.”

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