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Thanks for checking out my therapy practice, you are very welcome here. I find labels don’t effectively get across who I am and what I offer so here’s a little break down.

So what actually is ecotherapy?

Essentially ecotherapy is a branch of psychotherapy which acknowledges that our relationship with nature is as important as with our fellow humans.

“We humans have a fundamental need for nature. Instead of trying to tame or eliminate or ignore it, it is time we learned to grow with nature. We need to take an active role, celebrating it and caring for it, nurturing our own needs in the process. Only by taking responsibility for the Earth can we truly reconnect with it – and with ourselves.” (Larry Robinson)

The resources I offer are framed within a three-fold structure of healing: individual, community and the natural world.

Righto, what about dramatherapy??Processed with VSCO with  preset

Most people get freaked by the word ‘drama’ so let’s demystify that real quick. In a drama class the focus is on learning acting skills and creating performance while in dramatherapy the focus is on healing and growth.  Both body and mind are important, with talking being used alongside creative methods. As a creative form of psychotherapy dramatherapy uses a variety of therapeutic theories and approaches to suit the needs of each client.

Why the creative stuff?

Ooooooh this is the bit that get’s me really fired up! Life can be pretty overwhelming at times. Am I right? And when really awful stuff happens it can be hard to look at directly. In dramatherapy we work with metaphor – through object work, images, dramatic play, artwork, character, ritual, movement, creative writing and more. This process gives individuals the distance they need to be able to safely work through the tough stuff. Plus, the unconscious is known to send messages in symbolic form so what better way to give a voice to all that repressed, forgotten stuff that messes with our everyday lives?

Uh huh….so what does ecotherapy and dramatherapy together look like?

Excellent question! Every psychotherapist brings a unique set of skills and experience to their practice. For a while I tried to focus on pure dramatherapy but the natural world kept finding its way in, like a flower growing in a crack in the pavement. My acknowledgment of the depth of the environmental crisis brought things into focus and after a period of research and deep awakening there suddenly was no question about the earth’s place within therapy. The result is a therapy tailored to each individual, group or community that may include talking, creating and engaging with nature.

Okay, I’ll bite. How will therapy with you help me?

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The therapy space is one of potential. It’s like an empty stage – full of possibility – waiting patiently for an actor to walk across, a set to be put up, a musician to start playing. You are invited to take action by stepping out of ‘real’ life and into one of your creation. This might be a through a story you tell, or your interpretation of a known one; an image you draw; a movement you make; a character you conjure. You are invited to draw inspiration from the natural world with her archetypal essence, changing seasons, physical offerings and the ritual therein.  In exploring your creations you explore your inner world and it’s connection to the natural world, and better understand your human experience. In a nutshell, I offer you the space and tools needed for healing, growth and transformation. To find belonging within yourself, your tribe and the natural world.

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