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I’m very excited to share that I’m running the Rise Up programme again in June and this time I’m looking for affiliates to help get the word to as many women activists as possible

So, what does it all mean?

Being an affiliate essentially means that you promote someone else’s products and earn a commission when people buy thanks to your marketing. 

I’m inviting women to promote the next round of Rise Up, whether you’ve completed the programme or not. I will provide you with all the information and graphics you need, as well as your own unique link so we know when someone has signed up because of you.

A bit about Rise Up

This programme is about recognising our eco-anxiety, fear, guilt, anger, paralysis – whatever it is we’re feeling – as a healthy response to the unravelling of our world. And not just healthy, necessary too. Rather than suppress, avoid or medicate our emotions (although I believe there can be a time for all of these things) we need to hear them as the cries of the world calling us to action. We are being summoned to rise up and contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.

For twenty-eight days I guide women on a spiralling journey of self-discovery that invites in the vital work of reconnection; healing the great rift in our souls that has separated us from the rest of nature, and our own true nature. A disconnection that is leading to the destruction of our world.

Throughout Rise Up I help women weave the threads of who they are within this magical, interconnected web of life on earth, and the part they are being called upon to play. Each bite-sized, heart-centred session is skilfully crafted to nurture the seed within them, so they can root into their true calling and trust that the shoots that grow from this sacred place will be resilient, powerful and deeply connected to them and the whole earth community we belong to.

Here’s what you need to know

For every person you sign up via your unique link, you will receive a commission of £15 OR you can claim 25% off the cost of the programme. For example;

1 sign up = £15 OR 25% of the price.

2 sign ups = £30 OR 50% off the price.

3 sign ups = £45 OR 75% off the price.

4 sign ups = £60 OR join Rise Up for free.

After that you will receive a further £15 commission on each sign up.

You can begin marketing the programme as soon as you’ve received your link. You may choose to do this via word-of-mouth, social media or other creative means!

After the doors to the programme close on Monday 17th May 2021, you will receive your commission or invite to join the programme at a reduced rate, whichever suits you.

Simple! So, are you in?

Click on the button below and we can take it from there.

Join today!
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