7 Day Meditation Challenge

I don’t know about you but as the coronavirus ramps up to the backdrop of the climate crisis, I’m finding myself more stressed and anxious than usual. So I’ve been making the effort to tap back into the things that help me to stay calm, grounded and resilient.

Meditation has been my number one go-to recently, I think because it’s so simple, I can do it anywhere and it takes as much time as I choose.

I decided to challenge myself to 7 days of meditation starting Monday 16th March and am inviting you to join me!

What will you get out of it?

  1. Very simply, to feel better. More grounded, more calm and more resilient.
  2. A powerful practice for your resilience toolkit. Whether you’re new to meditation or an old hat, using it intensely over a short time has a deep impact and helps you to bring it into your rhythm moving forward.
  3. Accountability – I’ll give you a kick up the bum every day via email! Each morning I’ll send you an email reminder with a theme for the day you can follow or not, as well as posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Ready to go?

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