A collection of free-writing

My last blog post was a how-to for the magical art of free-writing. I’m following up with a few examples of my own to share what can happen when we surrender to our intuitive self and allow our inner-wisdom to spill onto the page.

As you read these, please remember that every person is unique and will have their own natural way of writing. Sharing my writing is meant to inspire, not direct. When you come to do your own free-writing, it’s really important that you let your intuition guide you and trust that what flows is right for you. And remember how the unconscious loves to communicate through metaphor. So let it flow, however bizarre it may sound.

I tend to take my stimulus from what is around me or within me as I begin to write. I am very often nature inspired as you’ll see! Sometimes I free-write in response to something I’ve created. There is a selection below – the headings hint at the stimulus.

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Inspired by the picture on my desk

I am writing in my book. I can feel my thoughts slooowing down as I write. Feeling frustrated and something else, letting go, letting goooo. Time to be here, looking at the pen as it writes the words, the image in the background bold and red and striking. Bubum, like a heartbeat. Bubum bubum. The heart at the centre of everything, a giant heart at the centre of the world, beating, beating. The world turning and thriving – the dream! This heart beats on – slow and steady – holding us in its earthly rhythm. I take a breath, I sigh, I let go a little more. The heart of the world – a collective soul that envelops us all, draws us into its nurturing embrace. Feel warm children, feel loved, feel safe – for the earth is holding you in her arms, in her heart. We are all one soul – a hive of life and interdependence. Sacred. And special and wise and old. So so old. We thump along to the beat of her heart – can you feel it calling you? So soft, so gentle. Hard to hear over the roar of cars and planes and the beeping of phones. But listen. LISTEN. She is there at the core of the earth, at our core. She never left us, she trusts we will return. Home. Home is where the heart is. The heart that beats for us all. If we’re ready to listen. To feel the swell of joy. To shed the layers so we might hear it more clearly, more deeply. She is here in each of us. We breathe her in, her sweet essence inhaled a million times over. See it, feel it, hear it. Let her in! I root myself into the earth, into her care. The rhythm thrums up through the souls of my feet and I’m alive like I’ve never been before.

Gazing upon a spring garden

Today. Today the green shoots grow. Rain and sun – we have it all. Optimum conditions for growth, reaching up, expanding wide, grounding down. Down, down, so seductive and dark and safe and held. Down in the earth where the soil feeds the soul and tends the spirit. Is that where I am today? Am I longing for the earth? The comfort of the embrace? Hmm we’ll see. Slumber, rejuvenation, but also facing the darkness – surrendering to what is yet unknown. What creatures lurk in the dark? Are they friend or foe? I hear them moving, some close, some further away. I don’t reach out to them, neither do I recoil. I just wait – open and ready for whatever finds its way to me. I am here. I am in balance. I am in flow. This is where I’m meant to be. Until it’s not. I’m listening for the call… But until then this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.

In response to “Rising Like Giants”

Up up in colours bright, light, leaning, merging, together, apart. Blurring at the edges, bleeding into the world like a soupy fog across the land. Others coming to join, led by hearts of fire, alight with love and knowledge. Leaning into the warmth, the colour, flowing together, dancing like brightly burning candles. Illuminating the shadows of the earth, gentle smoke like a thousand spirits free at once, laughing, dancing, rejoicing in the air. Who comes here, all alike, all of different colour, shape. Minds and hearts joined, in love and life.

After a spring shower

Where to begin, begin within. The tangles and tussles that spill over and restrict, that bind and bah. I don’t know… Where are the words? What do they mean? Writing, writing. Raindrops on droopy grass. Yellow and green and brown – spring. Hope, life, explosions all around. Beginnings in abundance. What better time than now to step into the world anew. Transformed, standing tall, rooted deeply in my own self and the earth beneath my feet. Rising each day into the sky that greets me with wild wind and rain and calm and warmth. New life surrounds me. Together we grow and twist and merge and release and play. Possibility is here, in everything I do. Abundance and potential at every turn. I am nourished, I am nurtured and I choose to grow.

In response to “Elegant Bird”

Elegant, strong, self-possessed. Head raised to the world with a level gaze. Standing rooted, wings ready to fly. Sensing the breeze, taking in the world that is yours. Possibility is all around, and you stand ,and wait, drinking it in. Confident that you will know when the moment comes to take flight.You have been cocooned in a safe embrace as you grew and took shape. Rising up into your full height, drinking in the love, the care, from the nourishing arms that hold you. They are slowly fading now. It is time. You feel it, they feel it – you will always feel each other, know one another, as you will always know yourself. And if you ever get lost, you will come back to this. Standing rooted, waiting, confident you’ll know the moment to fly and which way to go.

Coming from the body

Oooh hungry, hungry, grumbly tummy. Stiff neck, not looked after my poor body. Trying hard, getting better, it’s all part of the process, the journey – accept where I am, commit to the now. I am here! And that is okay. Breathe…remembering the forest. Space, calm, time for me, just me. So so needed. Feeling lost in something so much bigger than me – surrender. Let go! Realised as I tried to fall asleep last night that I wasn’t breathing out fully. My breath wasn’t whole thus neither was I – locked in a high, frivolous energy – draining and keeping me away from connecting on a deeper level. Floating where i should be rooted. Finding my way back – forest, breath, yoga, free-writing – all paths to my soul opening me up, allowing flow. Free-flow, freedom, openness. Gushing, rushing, with abandon, passionate and uninhibited. Then gentle and slow, trickling softly. Tributaries come together and gather momentum, wholeness brings power, energy, life that won’t be contained. Whoosh! Hear me roar! Slink seductively, wind curvaceously, drop suddenly and impulsively, crashing to the earth with glorious destructiveness.

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