My Dream Day…

My dream day a year from now…

I wake up next to my husband before the kids join us for morning snuggles. We light a candle at the table and enjoy a wholesome breakfast with a poem or a piece of artwork to chat about, really chilled. I leave Dan clearing up and the kids playing while I shower and dress. I kiss the kids and walk slowly through the garden, enjoying the sights, smells, sounds and textures of the season.

In our garden studio I light the oil burner and heart candle and put some relaxing music on. The studio has glass doors looking out onto our garden that brings joy all year round. I lay down on my yoga mat to begin my morning ritual that flows from yoga into voice work before my intuition guides me towards either free movement, creative writing or artwork – or a blend. I am feeling relaxed, energised and clear as I sit down to attend to some admin before going live in my current creativity and wellbeing e-course. We’re in week three and I’m heartened by the creative work and insights that have been shared in the intimate community of women so far. At the end of the video I upload the workbook and begin work on the guided meditation I’ll be releasing the following week.

I have a 1-1 online dramatherapy session with a long-term client so I take a few minutes to mentally and physically prepare – today this takes the form of dancing about to 90’s Indie before flopping onto the floor to centre myself with some focused breathing. I am so humbled by the woman I’m working with. When we started out she was so heavy with other people’s crap she was barely visible. All her life she’d been told to be this, don’t do that, shamed, guilt-ridden, giving all she had to others, knowing no other way. She’d found me on Instagram and had followed me here and in the free Facebook group for over a year before gaining the self-confidence to invest in herself by signing up to an e-course. She said the creative work was like a direct path to her heart – she started to feel what it might be like to be her own person and it was like a flame had been lit inside of her. It’s been an honour to help her nurture that flame from something so wavering into a roaring fire.

After the call, I allow myself space to process anything that came up for me and to write up my reflections on the session. I spend some time in Instagram and my free Facebook group. I can feel my energy and focus dwindling so I surrender to a guided mediation before following the smell of freshly baked sourdough back inside for lunch with my family.

Dan heads to the study while the kids and I clear away before cosying up on the sofa for a story or three. We walk the short distance to our local woods where we amble through identifying trees and bird calls, collecting things for our nature table and pausing by a stream for a snack and chat about the water cycle. Its a bit chilly but we go for a paddle anyway, squealing and giggling and doing our best not to slip over on the green rocks.

We wander home and write/draw/collage in our nature journals, marking any new observations on our wall calendar. The kids slink off to play while I get started on dinner, rummaging in the garden for anything I might need. Dan joins us for a candlelit dinner, then roughhouses with the kids while I tidy up. After a bubbly bath and warm towel snuggles we tuck the kids up in bed for a cosy bedtime story, then leave them to chatter sleepily before dozing off, knowing they’ve got each other. We head to the garden with some blankets and a bottle or red to light a fire, cuddling up and putting the world to rights as the stars look on. I breathe deeply, taking in the evening garden smells, the chill in the air and the nostalgic smoke of the fire. When we feel sleepy we douse the flames and wander upstairs to bed, falling into a happy sleep in the quiet that isn’t London, anticipating a day full of love, peace, joy and ease. Again.

Visualising your dream day one year from now

Visualising the future we want for ourselves significantly increases the chances of it happening by tricking our fear response. Generally speaking, fear is our friend – it keeps us safe. BUT it can’t discern a perceived threat from a real one so whenever something new pops up our brain sees it as a threat. So, visualise your future – bring in all the senses to give as much depth and colour as you can muster – tell your brain this is happening. Allow yourself the freedom to visualise fully and openly without holding back. Imagine how it would feel, what you would do, down to the tiniest detail. Make sure you stay within the realm of possibility though – nothing that requires a major lottery win!

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