Welcome sensitive soul…

You’re here because you want to shake off the shit that isn’t yours and reveal the beautiful, messy person underneath it all.
To know and trust and accept who you truly are.
You want to feel in your bones, like hieroglyphs scrawled there by the ancestors long ago, that you are enough and that you are doing enough.
You want to live life in full colour, feeling all the things – crippling shame and boundless joy, bleak uncertainty and utter awe – and know they won’t break you. They’ll grow you.
You want to heal. You want to tend the wounds that this crazy world has inflicted on you with compassion and kindness.
You want to feel a sense of wholeness and belonging in yourself you only dare to believe is possible.
You want to send roots into the earth and vines out into the world, growing your sense of belonging beyond yourself and coming home to the wholeness and fullness of being part of life on earth.
You want to feel so deeply rooted in who you are that you can’t help but send ripples of positive change out into the world.
You want to be part of the change we need to see in the world and you want to do it in YOUR way. A way that gives you tingles and sparks of joy, that energises and empowers you.

You want to know that you don’t have to do this alone, that someone is there to hold space for you.

Someone to walk beside you in the dark times and bear witness as you unfurl into the person you were born to be.

My name is Lisa and I’m offering to be your person

Here are some things you should know about me…

I don’t shy away from the dark stuff. I’ve been into my own darkness many times and grieved deeply for myself and the world. I return there frequently and embrace it as a healthy and necessary part of life. I will walk beside you, wherever you need to go.
I’m neurodivergent (still figuring out the details) and my high sensitivity is my superpower. It enables me to empathise deeply and trust my intuition to feel the way through. It also means I can see the big picture, like a map that is forever re-drawing itself.
I’m not one for taking the well-trodden path. I have a pervasive desire for freedom and truth which tends to induce a lot of eye-rolling, gas-lighting, shaming and outright aggression in our unhealthy society. It’s also vital in the world-changing work of supporting people to free and empower themselves, and is a part of myself I embrace with love and tenderness.
I have come to a place where I’m adapting to the changes that are coming (due to climate change and the various other factors that are nudging us towards collapse), while also doing what I can to raise the world I want to see.
Meaningful action for me looks like; loving my kids deeply and unconditionally, growing connections and resilience in my local community, pausing to watch bees’ bums sticking out of foxgloves, doing my best to listen with an open heart, holding space for people to root into their power and purpose, flowing with the seasons and cycles – both inner and outer, taking breaks when I need them, embracing the Wild Woman within and letting her roar and sigh and laugh, slowing…right…down, dancing my pain and joy, breathing the poetry of life, and generally coming back to life in all it’s messiness and beauty…
I’m excited to see what meaningful action looks like for you.
“Lisa has an incredible ability to hold space for the enormity of life’s ups and downs. She creates a non-judgmental, safe space for you to explore and unravel and come back to the fullness of who you are.  
I loved her ability to gently reflect back to me elements of the situation I was perhaps not seeing or was not giving myself credit for, and her offerings of simple practices or mindsets for staying aligned with my intentions.”

Sarah Starrs

Here’s what’s included…

ME IN YOUR BACK POCKET (1-1 VOXER SUPPORT) When I’m your mentor, you’ll have me in your back pocket. Voxer is a walkie-talkie style app like WhatsApp that allows us to have conversations back and forth via text and voice notes. You can send messages whenever you need to, so you know you have support when you need it.
PRELIMINARY QUESTIONNAIRE This gives me the details I need to give you maximum support on your journey. It means we can get started from day one.
WEEKLY CHECK IN Every week I’ll send you a self-reflection form inviting you to check in with what’s happening for you in the now – feelings and cycles (seasonal, moon and menstrual); the past week – any shifts, celebrations, struggles; and intentions for the coming week. This is heart-centred and incredibly helpful for deepening the journey and keeping us on course.

I’ve used Voxer loads from both side of things and I love it!

Here’ why…

Voxer gives us a way to have a long, slow, intimate conversation without being bound by time. We can take our sweet time to respond.
I don’t know about you, but as a neurodivergent person this is such a gift. I can stay grounded and consider my reply instead of getting flustered and rushing a response.
Voxer can be fitted around YOUR life. Hop on during your lunch break or after the kids are in bed. Pick up where we left off when it suits you.
You can message me when you’re in the thick of it, so we can work with your in-the-moment feelings and experiences. Like when you’ve had an ‘aha’ moment and want to celebrate or something has knocked you for six and you need to work it through (or just rant…)
Talking out loud is an AMAZING way to work through things. I can’t count the amount of times people start voice notes only to resolve the issue themselves by the end.
But we won’t just be talking. I offer creative support too. The Voxer app is great for this as I can send bespoke visualisations and other creative invitations on the fly that you can refer back to time and again.

Your mentoring journey is tailored to YOU

My practice has its roots in creative eco-psychotherapy which means I work a lot with metaphor, creativity, the body and the rest of nature. I can offer a variety of invitations to deepen your journey including mindfulness practice, impromptu and personalised visualisations, expressive artwork (in nature or otherwise), creative writing, embodiment, ritual and more.
“Lisa is a master guide through the inner and outer realms of our individual and collective universe. She calmly and safely takes you into your fears and pushes you to the edge of your knowing, allowing you to finally meet your truest self.”


Here are your options…

THREE MONTH JOURNEY Unlimited Voxer support and weekly check-ins for an investment of £1197. You can pay up front in full, or in monthly instalments of £399.
SIX MONTH JOURNEY Unlimited Voxer support, weekly check-ins PLUS free access to my Root & Rise journey! We can even go through it while working together. All for an investment of £1997. You can pay up front in full, or in monthly instalments of £333.

Feeling called to work with me in this way?

If you’d like to discuss journeying together, let’s have a Voxer chat! We can have a little back and forth to see if we’re are a good fit before you make your decision, plus you can get a feel for Voxer.
All you need to do is download the free Voxer app and find me – lisaharmer. Send me a message and we’ll take it from there. If you’d rather email me first, you can use the form below.


You’re a therapist. Is this therapy?

I am a therapist. I graduated as a dramatherapist in 2013 and took my practice into the woods a few years ago, taking on the title, creative eco-psychotherapist. Although there’s a lot of overlap and mentoring is certainly therapeutic, it is not therapy.

As your mentor I will share my experience and wisdom. This is very different from therapy where my clients know very little about me. I will guide you towards your full potential, but it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows. We’ll get there via the shady back roads of the soul. In this sense my therapy training comes through in my ability to hold space for the dark stuff. However, in therapy we work with the big stuff in the container of the session, with a clear start and finish to maintain boundaries for both of us. With mentoring the onus is on you to do the work in your own time with me alongside you for guidance and support.

What if I send too many messages and take up too much of your time?

Due to our non-conformist, neurospicy family life, I don’t offer set office hours. But I can assure you that I am holding strong boundaries for myself – you will never be too much. I won’t always respond right away, but you can be sure that I am there and I will get back to you. So don’t hold back on sharing anything at any time.

Is there a set structure we’ll work to?

Due to my multi-passionate nature, people come to me for different reasons, so there’s no single way of doing things. Plus each journey is as unique as the person walking it and I honour that by walking beside you wherever you need to go. The weekly check-ins help keep us on track even when the path ahead isn’t clear, because we’re asking your heart to be the guiding compass and it’s pretty darn good at it…
One exception is if you choose to follow the Root & Rise journey while we work together. It’s a five-week journey (though you could do it over a longer time) that helps you to root into the earth, rise into your calling and change the world in your way. Root and Rise comes free with the six month mentoring journey.

What if we’re in different time zones?

This is actually one of the great things about working in this way! We’re not limited by trying to find a time that works for both of us. Even if we’re on other sides of the world we can carry on our conversation.
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