Are you (quite rightly) concerned about the climate crisis?

Do you worry about how and when civilisation as we know it might collapse?

Do thoughts of food shortages, rising sea levels and civil unrest keep you up at night? 

I’m going to go ahead and guess that most, if not all, of your friends and family are behind the curve on this and either roll their eyes or outright shut you down when you try to share your concerns.

I know the feeling.

This is not a time to be alone.

When we work together you can;

  • trust that your feelings and worries will be heard and validated as a healthy response to the climate crisis.
  • safely feel into your grief, frustration, anger and guilt, turning it into meaningful action.
  • come to a place of acceptance with the uncertainty of the future, feeling resilient and empowered in the face of what is to come.
  • craft a nourishing and sustainable practice of self-care that supports your earth-care.
  • remember a cyclical way of being, where the rhythms of nature and your true nature bring a deeper sense of connection, belonging and interconnectedness with all life.
  • break free from the mould society cast you in and become the woman you were always born to be, reclaiming the gifts you were always meant to share with the world.
  • figure out how to use your gifts to contribute to the co-creation of a fairer, life-sustaining world.
  • feel in your bones that you are enough, and that you are doing enough.
  • Embody the good ancestor in you and step up as a powerful member of the whole earth community.

How we’ll work together

Each month we’ll schedule two deeply nurturing and gently challenging one-hour Zoom calls.
You also get unlimited support via Voxer (a walkie-talkie style app that allows us to have conversations back and forth via text and voice message), plus a weekly accountability check in to see how you’re getting on.

We’ll be a good fit if…

You don’t want to feel like you’re drowning any more. Not even like you’re treading water, but that you’ve built yourself a raft that you know will withstand the mightiest of storms.
You want to feel calmer, more braced for change and clearer on what action you can take.
You want someone knowledgeable who’s been through their deepest, darkest, most anxious times and has come out the other side feeling empowered and resilient. Someone who understands, who will listen, and is passionate about supporting you to rise into the resilient, empowered, change-making woman you were always meant to be.

We won’t be a good fit if…

You are not aware of the urgency of the climate crisis.
You want me to ‘fix’ you without putting the work in yourself. You’ve got to want this and be prepared to work together.
You don’t identify as a woman (trans, cis, or other).

Things you should know about me…

  • I don’t shy away from the dark stuff. I’ve been into my own darkness and grieved deeply for myself and the world. I return there frequently and embrace it as a healthy and necessary part of life. I will walk beside you, wherever you need to go.
  • My High Sensitivity is my superpower. It enables me to empathise deeply and trust my intuition to feel the way through. It also means I can see the big picture, like a map that is forever re-drawing itself.
  • I have come to a place where I am adapting to the changes that are coming, while doing what I can to raise the world I want to see. Meaningful action for me looks like; loving my kids deeply and unconditionally, growing connections and resilience in my local community, pausing to watch the ferns uncurl and the bees collect pollen, doing my best to listen with an open heart, holding space for women to root into their power and purpose, flowing with the seasons and cycles – both inner and outer, taking breaks when I need them, embracing the Wild Woman within and letting her roar, slowing right down, dancing my pain and joy, breathing the poetry of life, and generally coming back to life in all it’s messiness and beauty… I’m excited to see what meaningful action looks like for you.

How much does it cost?

My three month package (six calls plus Voxer) is an investment of £997 (or £333 monthly).
My six month package (twelve calls plus Voxer) is an investment of £1797 (or £300 monthly).

Ready to get started?

Send me an email below and we can book in a free chat to make sure we are a good fit before you sign up; this is really important to me. I will explain what I can offer and what I do, and give you the chance to ask me any questions you have before you commit.

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