Are you struggling to navigate these devastating times? Do you see the world collapsing around you and feel hopeless and helpless to stop it? Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, lost, scared, angry? Or maybe just numb?

Whatever it is you’re feeling, please know it’s a healthy response to the unhealthy systems we live within. It is the cry of your soul and the world soul calling you back into connection. From this deeply rooted place we can craft a new vision for the world and take deep and meaningful action to bring it into being.

Do you want to come to a place of acceptance, feeling stronger and more emotionally prepared for the times we live in and what might come next?
Do you want to feel more rooted in yourself, your community and the rest of nature?
Do you want to feel more alive, vital and empowered?
Do you want to feel in your bones that you are enough and that you are doing enough?
Do you want to embody the good ancestor in you and step up as a passionate and powerful member of the whole earth community?

Do you want to know that someone’s there to hold you through all this? To walk beside you in the dark times and bear witness as you unfurl into the woman you were born to be?

Here are some ways you might use this space with me;

  • safely feel into your grief, frustration, anger and guilt. I specialise in holding space to face the dark stuff and trust me, there’s so much light there too. Feeling this stuff reveals the path ahead.
  • craft a nourishing and sustainable practice of self-care that supports your earth-care. Because we all burn out, right? It’s how we’ve been conditioned to operate. We’ll identify nurturing practices that work for YOU and weave them through your life in a sustainable way.
  • lean into a cyclical way of being, exploring ways to connect more deeply with the rhythms of nature and your true nature. This might look like menstrual cycle tracking or identifying where you are in the women’s wheel of life, as well as surrendering more deeply to the ebb and flow of the seasons. 
  • explore what you feel you are being called to offer the world – those amazing gifts you were born with. Maybe you want to feel more empowered to act on them, or maybe you’d like to figure out the practicality of next steps to take.
  • craft rituals to support and deepen your healing journey.
  • a relationship where you can simply be, with no demands, no responsibilities, just space and possibility. Maybe you need some relaxation time, a place to breathe and connect. Or to get your creativity on. That’s powerful stuff right there.
“Lisa has an incredible ability to hold space for the enormity of life’s ups and downs. She creates a non-judgmental, safe space for you to explore and unravel and come back to the fullness of who you are.  
I loved her ability to gently reflect back to me elements of the situation I was perhaps not seeing or was not giving myself credit for, and her offerings of simple practices or mindsets for staying aligned with my intentions.”

Sarah Starrs

How we’ll work together

1-1 sessions on Zoom or in person

Each month we’ll schedule two deeply nurturing and gently challenging one-hour sessions. Wherever you are in the world we can meet via Zoom. If you can easily access the Caerphilly/Newport/Cardiff area of Wales we can meet in person outdoors.

In between calls you have me in your back pocket

Because you also get unlimited support via Voxer – a walkie-talkie style app like WhatsApp that allows us to have conversations back and forth via text and voice message. You can send quick notes whenever you need to, so you know you have support when you need it.
I’ve used Voxer loads from your side of things and I love it! It’s such a great way to have an intimate conversation with someone without being bound by time. I won’t always respond right away as I will have other life and work commitments, but you can be sure that I am there and I will get back to you. Plus you don’t have to use Voxer if you don’t want to! Some women prefer to use email instead.

Each mentoring journey is tailored to the individual

We’ll find the best way to support YOU. My practice has its roots in creative eco-psychotherapy which means I work a lot with metaphor, creativity, the body and the rest of nature. I can offer a variety of invitations to deepen your journey including mindfulness practice, visualisation, expressive artwork (in nature or otherwise), creative writing, embodiment and ritual.

Things you should know about me…

  • I don’t shy away from the dark stuff. I’ve been into my own darkness and grieved deeply for myself and the world. I return there frequently and embrace it as a healthy and necessary part of life. I will walk beside you, wherever you need to go.
  • My High Sensitivity is my superpower. It enables me to empathise deeply and trust my intuition to feel the way through. It also means I can see the big picture, like a map that is forever re-drawing itself.
  • I have come to a place where I am adapting to the changes that are coming, while doing what I can to raise the world I want to see. Meaningful action for me looks like; loving my kids deeply and unconditionally, growing connections and resilience in my local community, pausing to watch ferns uncurl and bees bums sticking out of foxgloves, doing my best to listen with an open heart, holding space for women to root into their power and purpose, flowing with the seasons and cycles – both inner and outer, taking breaks when I need them, embracing the Wild Woman within and letting her roar and sigh and laugh, slowing…right…down, dancing my pain and joy, breathing the poetry of life, and generally coming back to life in all it’s messiness and beauty… I’m excited to see what meaningful action looks like for you.

How much does it cost?

A six month journey – twelve calls plus Voxer – is an investment of £1998 (or £333 monthly). You can pay up front in full or in monthly instalments.

Are you feeling called to work with me in this way?

I’ll be taking on new mentoring clients again in the new year. If you’d like to discuss working together then please send me an email below and we can book in a free discovery chat to see if we’re are a good fit before you sign up; this is really important to me. I will explain what I can offer and what I do, and give you the chance to ask me any questions you have before you make your decision.

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